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Blade Tension Knob
  Loosen or tighten blade tension by turning the blade tension knob.


Bevel Scale
  The bevel scale and indicator show the degree the saw table is tilted.
On/Off Knob with Variable Speed
  Pull the knob out to turn ON the scroll saw and push the knob in to turn OFF the scroll saw. Turn the knob to adjust the speed from the high speed of approximately 1,600 SPM (strokes per minute) to the low speed of approximately 500 SPM.
Saw Table with Throat Plate
  Your scroll saw has an aluminum saw table with tilt control for maximum accuracy. The throat plate, inserted in the saw table, allows for blade clearance.
Drop Foot and Drop Foot Lock Knob
  This foot should be lowered until it just rests on top of the workpiece to prevent the workpiece from lifting, yet not so much that the workpiece drags. The vertical portion provides a blade guard to prevent accidental blade contact.
Table Lock Knob
  Allows you to tilt the table and lock it at the desired angle up to 45.




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